David visits Hunterville – feedback

Good morning.

Oamaru penny farthing wheelman David Wilson stayed overnight in Hunterville
as a guest of the Station Hotel management on 22nd Dec. David left Stewart
Island on 14th November and is planning to arrive at Cape Reinga early in
January. He is doing the ride to promote his hometown of Oamaru, as well
identifying a route for a group of international wheelmen touring the
country in 2014. As well, he will become the first to ride such a bike the
length of the country.

For over 26 years Mr Wilson has worked with historic towns, helping them
establish new enterprises and marketing strategies based around their
history. He has worked with over 700 communities across NZ, Australia, South
Africa, Somalia and Malaysia.

“I am extremely impressed with Hunterville, the cleanliness of the town,
it’s welcoming feel, the kindness of it’s citizens and the way many of the
historic buildings are being maintained – this is a real credit to all

“Knowing and understanding our past and conserving our historic and cultural
heritage is an important part of establishing a strong sense of community
and local identity’ he said.


(posted by Mike Harris)


One thought on “David visits Hunterville – feedback

  1. Don Speden says:

    Hi Capt Wilson

    I have been eagerly following your progress and glad to see that the bike I built for you is holding up ok, I wish I was with you as it is something I’d love to do as well. You must write a full account of your tour once back in Oamaru, have fun along the path and don’t take any headers .

    All the best from Japan
    ex Capt Speden O.O.C.C.

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