Expedition Update – 18.12.11

Analysing the South Island expedition data revealed that 19 days were actually spent in the saddle pedaling. Many were over twelve hour days. Then a further ten days were required for rest and repairs.
Wellington proved to be a busy time with television, radio and media interviews. One extremely humorous event occurred during the National Radio interview with Simon Morton in Wellington central, when a large low flying sea gull left a significant deposit spread evenly over both of us.We simultaneously erupted in laughter and the moment was captured on film by a technician.
The last school to be visited for the year was the Saints Peter & Paul School in Lower Hutt where over a hundred pupils were amazed by the history of the bike and what Oamaru is doing with it’s built and cultural heritage. An invitation was accepted to visit the Dowse Art Museum, also in Lower Hutt, where Dunedin artist Scott Eady has restored a collection of 50 children’s discarded and thrown away bikes, trikes and scooters. The exhibition is interactive and allows children to ride through the gallery.  All staff received Victorian penny farthing riding and bicycle etiquette instruction from the Oamaru Club Captian.

The proposed route through the North Island will take in Kapiti Coast/ Horowhenua, then the Rangitikei area through to the Desert Road on the Volcanic Plateau, then through Taupo, the Southern Waikato, to Auckland.


1.    National Radio “This Way Up” presenter Simon Morton, during the interview in Wellington which aired Saturday 17 / 12. The podcast/audio files can be listened to at :

2.    The Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt, collection of 50 childrens bikes.

3.    Saints Peter & Paul School, Lower Hutt. The last school to be addressed prior to the school holidays.



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