Expedition update – 21.12.11

Riding conditions along the Kapiti Coast have been outstanding. No wind, no
rain, warm but not hot. Traffic is noticeably heavier, with the
courteousness experienced on south island roads still continuing. From the
time I mount the wheel till dismounting, a constant horn tooting persists.
The expedition has had high media exposure in the southern north island, and
this is apparent. Two highlights of this leg of the journey have been riding
on a pre World War 1 tram at the the Kapiti Coast Electric Tramway Museum,
and viewing the replica facades of a grouping of huts at the monument of
Camp Russell, where the 1st & 2nd Divisions of the USA Marines Corps camped
from June 1942 to October 1943. The Divisions casaulties during the Pacific
Campaign were 2,795 killed, and 9,600 injured.
The day concluded in real style for me being hosted at the former Scouts
Training Centre at Tatum park, now a function and accommodation centre. A
fine meal and fresh clean sheets yet again! A great comfort for a weary
wheelman. ENDS.

– Arriving into Paekakariki on dusk,
– 1942 Camp Russell
– Old Tram
– two Trams

Go well DW


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