Update 27.12.11

The seat bracket broke again and required further welding repairs in
Hunterville,and is holding well now. The Makohine Viaduct is a most
impressive structure on the main Trunk railway line built between 1896 –
1902.The old Mangaweka main street is like stepping back into early colonial
days. Still intact with it’s vernadahs and old signage, many artisans now
use the buildings. The town also boasts a DC3, ZK-APK,  perched on the side
of the main road, and is being restored to reflect it’s three key era’s of
service, namely  the Air Force, NAC as a Skyliner, and a Crop Duster.
Good progress had me in Waiouru on Christmas eve, where I parked up for
Christmas & Boxing day, and now am headed to Turangi then Taupo. Most kind
and generous hospitality found in Waiouru.ENDs

Makohine Viaduct / Old Mangaweka main Street / Mangaweka DC3 / DC3 Cockpit /
3rd Repair to Seat






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