What an incredible city Auckland is. Such a major contrast from the quite and laid back lifestyle we enjoy in Oamaru and rural New Zealand. Fast paced, dense housing, heavy traffic. But also such an exciting place to be in – diversity of cultures, variety of activities. It certainly has something for everyone.
When I arrived in Queen Street on Saturday, I definetly felt I had arrived in Auckland Central. Enroute on the final leg into town, a TV3 News Crew caught up with me in Newmarket and did an interview which featured on the 6.00pm news that evening. Good coverage of riding in the city and some of the things that have happened during the ride. Much of what I outlined about Oamaru didn’t quite make it to the story, but still good exposure all the same.
http://www.3news.co.nz/From-Stewart-Island-to-Cape-Reinga-on-a-Penny-Farthin g/tabid/309/articleID/240165/Default.aspx
On Monday, I took the bike up to the third floor of the NEWSTALK ZB Building on the corner of Cook and Nelson Streets, and was interviewed by Danny Watson between 2.05 and 2.30. The interview was beamed live over the internet at the same time. As it was talkback, it was great to have callers from Oamaru phone in. Local Anne Dodds of Waitaha had put this interview in place.
After that, back down to ground floor then around to Auckland Council Offices to store Pioneer Spirit overnight in readyness for the Mayor of Aucklands Official Farewell the following morning. The bike and rider receiving considerable interest from passers by.
Tuesday morning, and 10.30 sharp, and Auckland Mayor Len Brown met with me and officially sent me on my last leg of the journey to Cape Reinga. His worship was most entertaining and most interested in the ride and very familiar with Oamaru. Entering into the spirit of the farewell, he wore an Oamaru Ordinary Cycle Club cap as he shock my hand and wished me well. Our mayor Alex Familton put this event in place and it did go extremely well.
A film crew from BROADCAST AND FILM NEW ZEALAND, Auckland, filmed the farewell, and continued filming as I rode down Queen Street, around the Auckland waterfront and under the Auckland Harbour Bridge. We are exploring opportunities to use this ride in future marketing of Oamaru opportunities.
Tuesday sees the wheel and I leaving Devonport for the far north. Approximately 450 kilometers remain of the journey on the planned route to Cape Reinga.

053 – Corner Green Lane & Great South Road

065 – TV3 News Interview / Broadway, Newmarket

078 – NewsTalk ZB Danny Watson Interview

093 – Hhis Worship The Mayor of Auckland Len Brown

104 – Completing the Queen Street publicity morning

107 – Broadcast & Film New Zealand Director Peter Cathro & Cameraman Bob Lau




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